Arbonne RE9 Brightening Review

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ALERTRE9 Brightening is currently NOT AVAILABLE 


RE9 Advanced – This is #1 anti-aging collection with Vitamin C (helps support collagen + botanical ingredients). RE9 Advanced achieves more even skin tone and glows as well. 

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Welcome to my Arbonne RE9 Brightening Review!

Is your skin, SMOOTH, CLEAR, and GLOWING? If so you are LUCKY. Most people are not as lucky.  Their skin has sun damage, lines, bumps. They need a skin regimen that can help with this. So OUT with the boring dullness and IN with the dazzling and radiant Arbonne RE9 Brightening. 

In a previous review on Arbonne, I mentioned Arbonne has several different skincare collections, which cover everything from anti-aging, acne-prone skin, brightening skin, sensitive skin, to targeted solutions.  Their skincare collections are RE9 Advanced, RE9 Advanced for MenRe9 Brightening, Arbonne Intelligence, Bio-Hydra, and Clear Future.  

This review is about the RE9 Brightening set from Arbonne, which focuses on addressing the specific needs of dull, sallow, uneven skin tone, and dark spots.


What is Arbonne?

Arbonne is a well established (over 40 years) global multi-level marketing (MLM) company that sells health and beauty products, as well as an earning opportunity for its consultants. They have everything from skincare, bath and body, makeup,  and nutrition. Their skincare products target anti-aging, hydration, brightening, acne, and sensitive skin. Their bath and body has everything from baby care, to aromatherapy, spa, as well as personal care products. Their nutritional products are plant-powered, that provide targeted solutions to live an extraordinary healthy life.  Lastly, their make up line makes your radiance shine.  It has everything for the face, eyes, lips, and cheeks to promote healthy skin. Their mantra is “healthy living inside out” their product philosophy is to embrace the connection with a healthier mind, stronger body, and more beautiful skin.  What makes Arbonne products unique is they are formulated with premium botanically inspired ingredients, are 100% vegan, and animal-cruelty free. 

What is Arbonne Re9 Brightening?


RE9 Brightening

The RE9 Advanced Brightening Skincare collection was developed to address the specific needs of dull, sallow, uneven skin tone and dark spots. 

It minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Helps with skin texture and dehydrated skin, while rejuvenating your skin’s visible appearance, giving it an even looking tone, and glowing –   when used consistently twice daily.

This collection contains 6 products: a cleansing foam, a brightening toner, a serum, eye cream, and a sunscreen.


RE9 Advanced Brightening Collection

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RE9 Advanced Brightening collection includes:

Arbonne RE9 Brightening Cleansing Foam

RE9 Advanced Brightening Cleansing Foam


  • This pearlescent cleanser suds just enough to gently remove makeup, dirt, and impurities, leaving your skin feeling clean and refreshed
  • It contains cucumbers, watercress,  and red clover extracts, which help to soothe and moisturize the skin .
  • It contains no gluten and is certified vegan
  • Has a sparking rose scent fragrance






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Arbonne RE9 Brightening Toner

  • A softening lotion that refreshes the skin. Alcohol-free
  • It has a sparkling rose scent fragrance to it
  • Gently exfoliates and prepares the skin for the next step in the regimen
            • Moisturizes skin due to cucumber, watercress, red clover extracts
            • Vegan Free, Cruelty Free






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Arbonne RE9 Brightening Serum

RE9 Brightening Serum


  • Concentrated serum contains Sakura Bright complex which targets the uneven skin tone and dark spots
  • Has a sparkling rose scent fragrance to it
  • For all skin types
  • Vegan Free, Cruelty Free, and Gluten Free






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Arbonne RE9 Brightening Eye Cream

RE9 Advanced Brightening Eye Cream

  • Reduces the appearance of key signs of aging including puffiness, fine lines and dark circles around the eye
  • Brightens the look of skin around the eyes, with consistent use
  • Moisturizes to soothe the sensitive skin around the eyes
  • Fast-acting formula delivers results that continue to improve with consistent, twice-daily use
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Allergy- and dermatologist-tested
  • Certified vegan, formulated without gluten




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Arbonne RE9 Brightening Protective Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 15 Sunscreen

RE9 Advanced Brightening Protective Cream

  • Lightweight, hydrating formula with healthy aging benefits easily absorbs into skin
  • Delivers lasting hydration without greasiness to improve skin’s overall appearance
  • Broad-spectrum SPF 15 sunscreen offers UVA/UVB protection to minimize the risk of sun damage or aging when used as directed with other sun protection measures
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Allergy- and dermatologist-tested
  • Certified vegan, formulated without gluten





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Arbonne RE9 Brightening Night Cream

RE9 Advanced Brightening Night Cream


  • Ultra-hydrating cream works overnight to deliver soft, supple skin by replenishing moisture and providing essential nourishment while you sleep
  • Helps brighten the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and deep wrinkles through moisturization
  • Revitalizes the appearance of skin; allowing you to wake to more glowing, youthful-looking skin
  • Lightly fragranced with a sparkling rose scent derived from natural botanicals and essential oils
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Allergy- and dermatologist-tested
  • Certified vegan, formulated without gluten



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What ingredients are in Re9 Brightening?

Key Ingredients are:

  • Cherry blossom extract  – This hydrates the skin and promotes the appearance of the skin’s radiance 
  • Ascorbyl glucoside – This a stabilized form of Vitamin C, which helps improves the skin tone, revitalizes the skin’s radiance and temporarily diminishes dark spots.
  • Birch leaf extract – This hydrates and helps promote the shine.
  • Licorice root extract  – This hydrates as well as helping your skin feel vibrant and healthy-looking.

The products in this collection contain SakuraBright Complex, a stabilized form of Vitamin C. According to Allure,  “Vitamin C is a key component to many skin-brightening regimens, as it interferes with pigment production and keeps inflammation at bay.” 

DrWang SkinCare say this about licorice extract, under skin benefits of licorice root:

  • Soothe and Hydrate Skin
  • Fade Dark Spots


What is the difference between RE9 Advanced and RE9 Brightening?

RE9 Advanced
Goal: Supports healthy aging by helping skin look youthful and rejuvenated
Core Concern: Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
Regimen: 6 products, 5 steps in morning and at night


RE9 Brightening
Goal Supports healthy aging of the skin by bringing back the natural glow in your skin by targeting luminosity and skin tone
Core Concern: Focus on uneven skin tone reducing the appearance of dark spots.
Regimen 6 products, 5 steps in morning and at night


Does Arbonne Re9 Brighten work?

Clinical results for the Brightening Serum:

  • After 4 weeks, 59% showed a reduction in Dark Spots*
  • After 4 weeks, 74% showed improvement in skin hydration and softness*
  • After 8 weeks, 74% showed improvement in skin fairness*
  • After 8 weeks, 89% showed increase look of skin luster and radiance*
    *Clinical study of 27 participants. Results compared to baseline.

Click here to download the RE9 Advanced Brightening Collection Clinical Trials


What are actual people who have used RE9 Brightening saying?

While I haven’t tried this collection, but here are a few real user reviews that give you honest feedback on their take.

According to Trudi Brewer from BeautyEQ, here’s what she says about the collection:

  • RE9 Brightening Collection she says:”Illuminating skincare with radiance-giving ingredients is one of the best investments for your beauty dollars”.
  • Brightening toner, she says “I’m hooked on this alcohol-free toner” 
  • RE9 Brightening Serum say says “I am always searching for a serum that gives my skin that lit-from-within glow – I think I may have found it here.”


Now here’s another product user, Fran, watch her testimonial below.   I’ll save you some time, she says

  • “It’s Fantastic”
  • “It’s Feels Incredible”
  • “Smells Delicious”
  • “Glides on like silk”

Where can you buy Arbonne RE9 Brightening?

You can buy Arbonne Re9 Brightening as a kit or individually, from their official site . Keep in mind if you see product elsewhere like an Amazon, Ebay, that might not be the original and be may a counterfeit.


Final Thoughts

So there you have it.  With clinical studies as well as real user reviews it’s clear, RE9 Brightening helps supports healthy aging skin reducing the appearance of dark spots and uneven skin tones, and giving your skin the glow that it yearns for. 

I didn’t include Amazon or other 3rd party site reviews as products found on those sites may be diverted, and therefore may be diluted, expired, obsolete or counterfeit, and Arbonne does not guarantee the quality, safety, or authenticity of products purchased from there.

You will not find a skincare regimen that addresses the targeted solution for the glow that dull, lackluster skin much so craves for that is Vegan & Animal Cruelty-Free AND free of Parabens or toxic chemicals, while using botanically based ingredients, anywhere else except at Arbonne.


Buy RE9 Brightening  Set $266>>

Arbonne UK (RE9 Brightening) Arbonne Australia (RE9 Brightening) Arbonne Canada (RE9 Brightening) Arbonne New Zealand (RE9 Brightening)

Also, rest assured that you also get Arbonne’s 45 Day Satisfaction – Money Back Guarantee on all Arbonne products.


Full Disclosure:

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RE9 Advanced Brightening


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    I recently purchased RE9 Advanced Brightening Protective Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 15 Suncreen.

    It rolls, does not “melt” into the skin and I had to take it off because my makeup looked like it was peeling. The Cream went on WHITE! I looked like I had a mask on. Expiration is 05/2021.

    • Hi Paula,

      Sorry to hear this experience. You know Arbonne has a 45 day MBG right?

      Also have you tried Arbonne AgeWell? It’s the next generation of skin care. Better ingredients, more powerful concentration, etc. Many people seem to like it better and happy with results.

      Here is my review on it, https://wealthyaffiliatereviews.com/arbonne-agewell

      Hope it helps.

      Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out and connect with Facebook Messenger

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